Life is a bit hectic right now so making things has not been such a priority. We’re moving in two weeks, Simon’s looking for work and there’s a few other stressful factors at play (including the fact that my 30th birthday is looming!).

I’ve previously written about how crochet is a act of stress relief for me and thankfully during this season I’ve still had space to put my hands to my hook. A few weeks ago I found 4 skeins of Cleckheaton Country spun 100% wool. Because it is country spun, the ply is inconsistent and changes frequently. It is also variegated, so the colours change throughout. The wool has avery 70’s vibe about it, I think it’s the orange, green and brown colour palette.

Originally, I had planned to crochet a scarf for Simon and the colours suit him to a tee. But quickly found that the stitches which worked best with the wool did not lend them self to a scarf he’d wear. So, I decided to make an infinity scarf for myself. Rather than following a pattern, I decided to make it up as I went. There was a bit of trial and error involved, for example, double crochet resulted in too dense a scarf that did not drape well.








In the end I went with a treble crochet for the first row (other than the foundation chain) followed by three rows of double treble crochet and finished with another treble. I found that this resulted in a scarf that was full enough (but not too full as I’d melt with the 100% wool) and also has movement because it comprises of looser stitches. I’m able to wrap the scarf around twice and it’s nice and snug. Although I’m still unsure as to whether the yarn is ugly or awesome, I think it will serve me well this winter.