To assist in reaching our 20% ego quota, we thought we should write a little bit about ourselves.

We met in 2011, finally noticed each other in 2013,  and got hitched in Sep 2015. We live in Melbourne’s Middle North, we cycle when we can, make our own yoghurt, listen to community radio and dress like your grandparents. We fear that this list might class us as dirty hipsters, but we are just trying our best to live a lifestyle akin to our values.

Now a little about each of us…

Zara, as described by Simon:
Zara is an event co-ordinator, both at work and at home. She spent much of her formative years on the Gold Coast, but don’t hold that against her, she is closer in heart to her birthplace of Carlton. She comes with a long family history of outstanding hospitality – descending from caterers, chefs and publicans – and knows how to plan and execute a bloody good dinner party. She enjoys a good book and a good drop of red.

Simon, as described by Zara:
S-Dawg grew up in regional Victoria on his parents’ vineyard with three older brothers. Much of his childhood was spent adventuring both in Australia & overseas, giving him a great appreciation for nature. Bucking the brotherly trend of a career in IT, Simon relocated and studied fine art photography in Melbourne. Since finishing uni he has spent time travelling, working in the photographic services industry and taking photos of undulating hills. He’s so subtle you don’t even know he’s being subtle, makes a mean Old Fashioned and has a great toosh.