Eighteen: Bramble Gin

A long, long time ago, in a kitchen far away (well, the kitchen in our old house a few months ago) I started making some bramble gin. Blackberries were in season and we had a little bit of spare gin, so I thought I’d give this blackberry infused gin a try.

I mostly followed this recipe, which is pretty much:

  1. Wash blackberries.
  2. Put blackberries and sugar in gin.
  3. Wait (3 months).
  4. Strain blackberries (I used a paper coffee filter).
  5. Drink.

Now that it’s had time to steep, my gin is ready for helping out with these cold winters nights. It is reasonably sweet, and has an almost cough-syrupy flavour (though not in a bad way). Whilst not bad by itself, I’m looking forward to trying it in cocktails – maybe gin bramble, or mixed with some sparkling wine.


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  1. JamesB

    Thanks for the link – this is great with sparkling wine. Enjoy!!!

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