I’ve been on the natural deodorant band wagon for a number of years now and managed to nab myself a life partner in that time, so I mustn’t smell too bad. Clogging pores to block your bodies natural byproducts from escaping cannot be good for you (which many store bought antiperspirant deodorants do). Rather than blocking the bodies secretions, natural deodorants neutralise them, keeping your odour to a minimum. Plus, pheromones are the ultimate biological attraction tool, a fact I cannot deny considering it was Simon’s sexy scent that caused me to be interested in him.

My deodorant ran out this week, so I decided to try my hand at making my own. During my time on said bandwagon I didn’t find myself becoming loyal to any one particular brand of deodorant, but really liked the one I have been using most recently; Black Chicken Deodorant Paste.  I’m unsure why, but I preferred the paste to a roll on (or spray) which is helpful as I imagine making a roll on deodorant could be more challenging than the recipe I went with.

For my birthday last year my bestie gave me a book titled 200 tips, techniques and recipes for natural beauty by Shannon Buck, which has a recipe for Unscented natural cream deodorant. So, I jumped online and ordered the handful of items required that we didn’t have at home (from N-Essentials). It took about 10 minutes to make and contains: shea and cocoa butter, coconut oil, bicarb soda, arrowroot flour, vitamin e and kaolin clay. It was simply a matter of measuring out the two butters and oil, melting them in a hot water bath, mixing in the remaining ingredients and giving it a jolly good stir. Quite fittingly, the container my previous deodorant came in fit the quantity I made perfectly.

The texture is a little runnier than the paste I was using (I guess it is a cream, rather than a paste), but it feels nice on my skin. I just hope it doesn’t stain my clothing, even if it does, Simon has made a great stain remover which he may write about later on. As I’ve only used my new concoction for two days so I do not feel that I have enough data to say whether or not it is a success. If you’d like to contribute to my data collection, please feel free to give my pits a sniff and advise me of your findings.