When I moved to Melbourne from the Gold Coast almost a decade ago winter was a shock. I was underprepared and quickly learnt the value of a scarf, gloves and a beanie! So when my dear friend Jacob moved down to Melbourne and celebrated his birthday not long after arriving, I knew a scarf would be a good gift to help him keep warm during his first Melbourne winter.

Last year I found some  charcoal yarn at the Brotherhood of St Laurence in Northcote. I didn’t count exactly but I think there were about 20 skeins and I picked them up for $10 in total. The label for the wool is all in Japanese, with the exception of a few small details including the blend (30% wool & 70% acrylic) and the weight (40g) as well as the words ‘super extra thick’. With the help of the handwriting tool on Google Translate (soooo cool, check it out) we discovered that the wool was from Daiso. Sadly I forgot to take a photo of a skein of the yarn so you can see it pre-crochet and finding one online is proving futile.

I got started on the scarf and used a pattern from Heart, Hook, Home, which was a simple repetitive stitch of a double crochet, followed by a triple (or in US terms like on the website a single followed by a double), this combo is called the moss stitch. Because you start with an odd number of stitches, the double and triple stitches are meant to be offset…I must’ve stuffed up because it turned out the doubles were on top of the doubles and the same for the triples, so the pattern looked off. I’d gotten about halfway by the time I realised and the perfectionist in me meant I had to ‘frog it’ (crochet slang for rip it, sounds like ribbet) which means pulling out all your work. Unsurprisingly, it’s my favourite crochet term!

While it meant that the project took much longer than it should of and the birthday boy got his present over a month late, I’m really glad that I decided to start again because the end result was very lovely! I omitted the fringe in the pattern, partially because I didn’t think it was Jacob’s style and also because I didn’t have enough wool (I had made Simon a scarf last year using half of the skeins). I gave Jayke his present last week, just as the cooler weather started to kick in. I hope it keeps him nice and snug during his first winter in Melbourne!