I am the worst at keeping my car clean….well the worst is probably quite an overstatement. It is not like my passenger seat is incubating a biohazardous substance or anything. But my vehicles have always been full of crumbs, littered with receipts and scattered with bobby pins.

My organised nature would lead most people who know me to assume that I am the owner of a clean and tidy car. I spend so much energy making sure that many other aspects of my life (both professionally and personally) are orderly, that I simply cannot be fudged.  However, I do now share a car with Simon and he is not partial to a crumby vehicle. So as a gesture of marital love and affection I decided to make a trash bag for the car to collect rubbish.

Before Borders Books went into receivership, I purchased a brilliant craft book, One Metre Wonders. It wasn’t just the punny title which attracted me, but also the wonderful array of patterns which only use (you guessed it), one metre of fabric. From it I’ve made heat packs with their own belt so you can tie them onto yourself, wine bottle covers, a skirt and more. Also in the book is a pattern for a trash bag which you loop around the headrest of your carseat and it hangs behind the seat, eagerly awaiting your rubbish. A perfect solution to my problem.

I have plenty of fabric in my stash and found three contrasting pieces from which to make my bag. The pattern comprised of eight components, all rectangles. Two large rectangles to make up the body of the bag, one slightly smaller to make a pocket, three narrow rectangles to trim the bag and the two strap pieces. Once I’d cut out all the pieces I did the necessary ironing, pinning, sewing and overlocking. I even got to make my first ever button hole (this surprised me when I realised this was a technique I’d never learnt!) which with a button (duh) is used to connect the two strap pieces together.

The trash bag now lives in the car looking cute and I’m hopeful that I will change my ways and become a diligent disposer of rubbish.