Our little undertaking is nearly at an end!

For the last of our fifty-two projects in fifty-two weeks I constructed a display shelf for records.

The physical size of a record allows for some great album art, but we lacked a good way of displaying our collection. Zara has long wanted some kind of shelf to exhibit some of these artworks and I finally got around to building one.

It was decided that simplicity would be the most elegant solution so a design of a single rail with a groove was conceived.

I had enough length of a rounded timber moulding leftover from a project earlier in the year and planned to route out a groove before using double sided mounting tape to attach it in place. However, once I started I realised that there wouldn’t be enough depth to the shelf and LPs wouldn’t have enough backward lean to stop them from falling forward. After a quick trip to Bunnings I had the requisite timber to implement my design alteration and with the help of my brother’s router I pretty quickly had the rail completed.

A few coats of stain and varnish later and all that remained was to affix the rail in place. Double sided mounting tape and a spirit-level app for my phone really did the trick and with a little help from Zara the rail was installed and ready to display some records.

And that’s 52!

We plan to take a couple of weeks to collect our thoughts about this yearlong undertaking and post a wrap-up soon(ish), so stay tuned.