Over the last few years, thanks to friends and family, the number of little children getting about in our house has increased. Occasionally we spot really nice toys at op-shops and we now have a modest collection we can pull out when we have little visitors. One of our favourites is a wooden duck walker thing that has feet that flop when it’s pushed but sadly one of our nieces was a little bit rough with it and snapped its axle in twain.

Luckily it wasn’t too hard a fix. First, I sawed off the broken dowel flush with the wheel. Then I was able to carefully drill out the centre of the wheel. After that all I had to do was cut a new piece of dowel to length and reassemble with a little bit of wood glue.

And there you have it, a lame duck no more!


Another wooden toy we have picked up is a little rainbow xylophone. However it was a bit hard to play as it came without any mallets. So I made some.

I was able to buy the spheres pre-drilled which saved me a lot of hassle, so all I really had to do was cut my dowel to the correct length and glue it in. After a bit of a sand with some fine sandpaper they’re good to go!

I really like having toys that I can repair.