When we set up our kitchen in our new house one corner felt a bit crowded. A few months later and I finally got around to solving that problem with a simple shelf to make better use of our bench space. 

I have had some fir timber languishing in storage, leftover from a long ago project. I purchased it at Urban Salvage in Spotswood. They mostly deal in salvaged timbers for flooring but have a great section of “scrap” timber which I used to enjoy browsing through when I lived closer. The selection was much more interesting than the Bunnings standards of pine or “Tasmanian oak”. They were also pretty cheap; my couple of metres of fir was only $5.

I decided that I would take the opportunity to practice my joinery skills and attempted a simple box joint. I wouldn’t say it was a raging success but it wasn’t a complete failure either; it’s just not the tightest fit. I thought it prudent to reinforce my work and luckily had a couple of metal brackets leftover from another kitchen storage project.

After a few coats of clear varnish to protect the timber from everything a kitchen might splash at it my shelf is complete. The corner is much tidier now!