Earlier in this project I attempted to create my own aftershave. As mentioned in the original article I used cetyl stearyl alcohol which didn’t really mix well and ultimately led to the mixture being unusable.

After purchasing a more liquid alcohol (isopropyl) I finally got around to having another crack at it.

This time around I was interested in making my own fragrance instead of relying solely on purchased essential oils. Steeping some botanicals in white rum for a few days did the trick and my combo of bay leaf, cassia bark, and a few other spices smelled delicious.

I used the ratios I devised previously (1 part glycerine, 4 parts witch hazel, and 8 parts alcohol) but didn’t measure anything very precisely. I also added a little vitamin E oil. Sadly I didn’t realise that Isocol isopropyl alcohol also contains a fragrance and my bay rum mixture needed a little backup, so I also added some cedarwood and bergamot oils to help out.

The resultant product smells nice enough, although tainted by the Isocol fragrance. If I ever get through the whole bottle of Isocol I will attempt to source some fragrance free isopropyl alcohol.

Ultimately more usable than my previous attempt.