When I first moved to Melbourne my Nonna gave me a gorgeous teak sewing table which I’ve moved from house to house ever since. Sadly, I’ve rarely used it for its intended purpose, often it was much more straightforward for me to set up my sewing machine on the kitchen table. In our current abode the spare room lends itself very well to crafting and I’m so delighted that I get to have my sewing machine and overlocker set up all the time – huzzah! Only problem is, they look quite ugly sitting there with their protective plastic covers.

Making covers for the two machines seemed like the obvious thing to do. I found some amazing vintage fabric I’ve had a for a few years (courtesy of a friend of my Dad’s, Carole who has amazing taste) and started to figure out a pattern. For the sewing machine, it was really simple…I cut out two rectangles for the front and the back and one long thin piece to cover the sides and top. One thing that really delighted me was that I was able to join the pattern of the fabric as the dimensions I needed were pretty much bang on, and it fits nicely.

The overlocker cover was not as simple, I followed the same principle with the pattern (a piece for the front and back and another for the sides/top) and sewed it together. Overlockers are an uneven shape, so when I put it over the machine it fit well at the back, but it kinda caved in at the front and looked sloppy. I grabbed my quick unpick and undid the seams at the front so I could play with the fit….it took me about forty five minutes, some pins and a variety of configurations before I found a fit I was happy with – argh! The pattern doesn’t match up as nicely as on the sewing machine cover and it is a little short because of my modifications, but overall I’m happy with how they look and brighten up my sewing table. Hopefully I’ve now re-caught the sewing bug and will start getting creative.