After I’d concluded my blanket bender I had no crochet project to keep me busy and boy, it was a struggle! For Christmas 2016 I made a wreath for the front door from the gigantic rosemary bush in the garden at my workplace, but I didn’t get around to it for the Christmas just passed. So when I found myself with no crochet project and plenty of green wool left from the blanket I had made my nephew Arthur, I decided to whip together a wreath.

I cut out a donut from a piece of cardboard we had lying around and wound wool around it to cover. Then, I looked up a number of leaf crochet patterns and got hooking…I used the patterns as  base and got a bit creative making a variety of leaves (to see where I started, check out the patterns here, here & here.). Once I’d made all the leaves I expected I needed, I gave them a quick block (they were quite curly) and then I started arranging them on the wreath base (aka donut). I used hot glue to join them all together and once I’d gotten the leaves in place, I made a few red berries to add a pop of colour.

I only finished the wreath the day prior to us driving up to Redcliffs (near Mildura, where Simon’s folks leave) for Christmas, so we took it with us and hung it up at his parents house. I look forward to having the wreath hanging on our door for Christmas 2018.