You may remember that a month or two ago I wrote about my crocheting blanket bender, where I’d set myself the goal of making blankets for each of my nieces and nephews for Christmas this year (minus the youngest who got one when he was born in February). Well, sadly this bender has come to an end as I’ve finished the final two creations (sad, as I no longer have a large crochet project to work on!). But I’m not really that sad at all, because these two blankets look spectacular!

I started work on a green blanket for Arthur a few months ago, a patchwork style of a number of different yarns (again all sourced second hand, special thanks to my mother-in-law, Chris who found some for me). The blanket is made up of 30 different squares of double crochet, which I aimed to make all the same size. This proved a little troublesome given the different plies of the yarns I was using, but I managed to go reasonably well all things considered.


My last blanket was for my niece Evelyn. A few months ago I went through all of the granny squares I’d made when I first started crocheting that I intended to turn into one large blanket to use at home. I decided that I’m too OCD to have such a mismatched blanket and instead chose a number of squares in a pink/purple/grey/navy palette to make Evelyn’s blanket.  After making half a dozen or so more complementary squares I stitched it all together and Zara’s your aunty!

I’m so happy with these blankets and I while I hope the kids open their presents on Christmas day with great exclamations of joy I recognise they are not nearly as exciting as Lego. So my even greater hope is that each of my nieces and nephews treasure the gifts I’ve made them and that the blankets keep them warm for many years to come.