Nineteen: Nifty Napkins

Simon and I were both born in 1987, he in mid May and I in late July. Rather than throwing two 30th bashes, we decided to combine and had a small party with our closest friends in between our actual birthdays.

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog (unlike us, we are finally catching up  on our projects after a crazy two month) you’ll know that we try to avoid new. So, for our party we decided to theme it ‘Op Shop Formal’, using items purchased from op shops to decorate (subsidised by some hired items) and encouraged our guests to dress up in second hand threads.

The decor was pretty simple, we planned to have one long table and set up brass candle holders  in clusters down it’s length. I knew I wanted to introduce colour, so to do this decided to make napkins from fabric that I sourced from op shops (or my fabric stash!). We kept our eye out during our op shop trips over the months leading up and struck gold at Savers Greensborough, finding a combo of fabrics and tablecloths in a blue/white/yellow/mustard colourway. From here, I collected a few other pieces of fabric from oppies and grabbed some blue and yellow thread to use in the overlocker to finish the edges.

Once I had enough fabric to make enough napkins, I got out my scissors and found a napkin we had at home to use as a size guide. I tried my best to make the most out of each tablecloth or length of fabric with my cutting and did an okay job, but could have probably gotten a few more napkins cut out if I was a bit more focused! In the end I cut out about a dozen more napkins than I needed, so it wasn’t an issue I cut inefficiently, but I was still annoyed about the wastage. So, I chucked the offcuts in our rag bag to use when we’re cleaning.

When everything was cut to size I got overlocking, it’s such a speedy way to edge something. Given a bit more time I may have properly hemmed the napkins, but time is a precious resource at present!! Plus, I somewhat liked the extra colour and detail the overlocked edges added.

Setting up for the party and placing the napkins reminded me of why I love events and theming, it’s such a rush executing and seeing the vision you had in your mind come to life! The table was set, waiting for our guests and it looked fabulous! We had a great night celebrating with our friends and I’ve put the napkins away with the hope I’ll use them again in the future.


  1. Anne

    Yay a post; peer pressure works!

    • Zara

      Ha ha ha! Indeedy, we’ll have to catch up with you more so you can apply that extra pressure that is so clearly needed.

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