Not long after we moved in to our current house I found some mint growing in the back corner of our small garden. Fast forward to today and it now has taken over quite a bit of real-estate, and is continuing to expand. We thought it prudent to utilise some of this fresh mint (which I just researched to find out is spearmint), and decided a mint cordial would be a good way of using some up.

It was pretty easy, so I’ll quickly run you through the process. After gathering a basket full of mint, I removed the leaves from the stems and washed them. I was roughly following a recipe, however I didn’t have enough sugar, so I reduced my ratios to the following:
2 cups mint : 1 cup sugar : 1 cup water (the original recipe called for closer to 2:2:1).

After washing it was just a matter of pounding the mint leaves with the sugar into a paste and then steeping with the boiling water for at least 2 hours, or wait until it is completely cool. (I was a little strapped for time when doing this, so let it sit overnight in the fridge, this may have contributed to the murkiness of my end product.)

Once finished steeping, strain (or filter with muslin) the mint leaves out then bring the liquid back to a simmer to ensure the sugar is dissolved. Once all the sugar is dissolved, pour into hot sterilised bottles. Simple.


I’m not sure how long it will keep, as information on making shelf stable cordials is surprisingly scarce on the internet. If I make it again I might add lemon juice to decrease the pH which should help it keep longer.

I ended up adding some green food dye to swing the colour away from brown towards green, which helped with the visual appearance considerably, but the end result is a dark, brownish, mint syrup with a hint of lolly flavour (I might have cooked my sugar a bit). My murky ‘Spearmint Pond Water’ is quite refreshing with soda water, but as yet untested with bourbon.