A few months ago we had some tomato plants spontaneously sprout in our back garden. They thrived, even with the minimal care I provided them, and gave us quite a bountiful crop of little tomatoes.

They weren’t the best tomatoes I’ve ever eaten, but were OK and more importantly free. When the colder, wetter weather started up we still had a few green stragglers on the vine, and having read that tomatoes really don’t like being wet I decided to pick every last one and turn them into a green tomato pickle.

I ended up with about half a kilogram of tomatoes—some green, some red—and quickly found a few different recipes. I based my recipe on a tomato relish recipe in an old book we picked up at an opshop: Australian Preserving with Fowlers Vacola, and simplified it to these ratios:

  • 6 parts tomatoes
  • 1 part onions
  • 1 part sugar
  • 0.6 parts vinegar
  • 0.02 parts salt
  • Plus some spices

Cooked it all up and dropped it in a sterilised jar (only made one jar). Now just letting it sit for a month or two before trying it so the flavours can develop (and because we have heaps of half eaten preserves in the fridge already). Looking forward to trying it on a nice bratwurst this winter.