We have a few nieces and nephews now, and have decided for their birthday presents that Zara and I will take them on an outing. One of our nieces had her second birthday over the weekend and we thought we’d give her a trip to the Collingwood Children’s Farm (which we’ll do sometime in the future) but we also wanted to give her a little something on her actual birthday. So I made a little farm animal from felt.

After a quick look around online I found a free pattern to work with (here) and then grabbed a couple of sheets of felt from our local haberdasher. Marking and cutting the felt was quick and easy, then it was on to the sewing machine.

I was not sure how I was going to go, as the pieces were pretty small, and this would be the second time on a sewing machine in probably 15 years, but I managed OK I think. I did sadly stitch a little far up one side of the snout, so when I turned the pig the right way out and got some stuffing (reused from an old cushion) it looked more like an anteater than a pig, but luckily Zara came to rescue with a rhinoplasty solution.

After some more fiddly sewing for the ears and a little embroidery for the eyes he was starting to look a bit piggier. Annoyingly, at this point the pen I had used to mark out my pattern had started to show through the felt a little, giving some smudgy looking birthmarks on the belly. So we named him Smudge. I’m very happy with the result and now curious to try my hand at other animals.