Two years ago when Simon and I got married and moved into our first home we inherited some dark green leather couches from my Nonna. After two summers of sticking to the leather and two winters of chilled bottoms we decided that when we moved we’d buy a new couch. I spent hours researching and finally we landed on a Freedom couch. She ain’t the belle of the ball, but she’s quite practical and good looking enough to keep around (a bit like myself ;)).

We moved in May and since then, whenever I’ve looked at the cushions they’ve made me terribly uncomfortable as they do not coordinate with our decor at all. Naturally, I decided to make some cushion covers.

It is a bit tricky to describe the style of our house, but there’s a lot of timber, green, orange and already a bit of pattern (hrmmm…sounds quite 70’s).  So I didn’t want to add more busyness to the space by incorporating more colour or pattern. Thus, I decided to stick to natural tones and used what I’m referring to as a craft triple threat, sewing, weaving and crocheting to fashion the cushions. I utilitiesed calico and some camel suede I had in my fabric draw and added texture using weaving and crocheting.

(Top left: suede, right: crochet & bottom left: weaving)

Being the inner city hipster that I am, Simon got me a handloom for Christmas from Loom and Spindle so I started weaving to use as a textural piece. I found some lovely ivory chunky wool at an op shop and used both basic and soumak weave stitches to create my fabric. As it was my first proper go at weaving, I didn’t quite get my tension right and the piece was warped. I also knew the weaving would be too small for the pillow inserts I had, so devised a plan to put it inside a border of the camel suede with a calico backing.

I cut out the pieces of suede to create the border and when I laid it all out, it was NQR…there was too much going on. Calico was a much more complimentary fabric, so I cut out what I need and got sewing, making the back suede instead of the calico I had intended to use. Rather than wasting the strips of suede I cut out, I sewed them together along the long edge and used them (again, along with some calico) to make another cover.

The technique I used for the third cushion cover was crochet. I used cotton shop twine from Bunnings to make a massive granny square. Fashioned a calico cover (front and back) and then stitched the granny square to the front – voila! The trio of cushions look fab on our new couch and I’m much more comfortable (both literally and figuratively). I may whip up another simple cover using the calico and the suede – stay tuned!

I’m going to be a little cheeky and class this as two projects as I used two distinct skills: weaving and crocheting.