To simplify our grocery shopping and to eat more seasonally, Simon and I have started ordering a fruit and vegetable box from Ceres Fair Food. We’ve both been super impressed with both the variety and the quality of the produce. For about a month, each week there was cabbage in the box. After weeks of cabbage soup, stuffed cabbage rolls and even a cabbage curry (it is a thing!) we were pretty sick of this member of the brassica family!

So, when we received a wombok cabbage we decided to get our ferment on make some kimchi. Of course, it meant that we had to buy a number of other ingredients in order to make this Korean side dish, but I anticipate that the end result will be well worth it.

Simon and I made this one a team effort as we had a social engagement to get to, so we really needed to stick to the 20 minute prep time of our recipe. The process is really simple, mostly comprising of slicing and food processing. I found it interesting to see how kimchi gets its red chilli coating, its a mixture of water and rice flour which you head and turn into a paste. You then add in gochugaru (Korean chilli powder) which gives it spice and the colour.

We were surprised with how much the recipe yielded, filling one large jar and two small/medium ones. After sitting on the bench for a few days to get the fermentation process started, we’ve since popped it in the fridge so it can ferment to our liking. I haven’t yet tried the Kimchi, but Simon has and he said it’s pretty good. I look forward to sampling with some Korean cuisine.