Twenty-Two: No Poo

 If you looked at these two photos and came to the assumption I would be writing about a cake I made, you’re mistaken. I did not bake with these two items, rather I made dry shampoo!

Washing my hair is at the top of my annoyances list (along with sultanas in curry) so if I can prolong this task, I will. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the feeling of clean hair. It’s the arduous task of getting to the clean, dry hair that gives me the irrites. If a genie jumped out of a lantern and granted me a wish, I wouldn’t be asking for a packet of Tim Tams that never ran out. Instead, I’d wish to have clean, silky, glistening hair until the end of my days without washing.

So unless I go down the no poo route (I kind of regret typing that), having methods to draw out the time between washes it is. In my quest to be more au natural (in relation to toxins, not clothing) making my own dry shampoo seemed like a good idea.

Ages ago, my bestie sent me a link to a recipe from Wellness Mama. The recipe has three ingredients which you combine together; arrowroot flour, cacao powder and essential oils. As the photos above demonstrate, I deemed the oils not essential and just mixed together the flour and cacao. I popped the sham in a small mineral make up jar I had. The jar has a few holes in the top so I can easily shake it upon my scalp and rub/brush it in.

I’ve found that this mixture seems to work really well for me and have used it for a number of months. My measures of success are: 1) I can go one day less without washing my hair and 2) I smell of cacao.


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  1. What a creative person you are Zara! Well done.
    I have a different hair wash issue – our water is channel water and after the channel has been dry and there is a fill, the water is almost red mud! and it smells of stagnant water too. While Chris and Ian were away I went over there for a shower a couple of times but one Sunday morning I wasn’t that organised so I went to Church with hair smelling like slime! Maybe dry shampoo could have worked for me.

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