When we went on holidays to Tasmania a few weeks ago I knew I’d need a beanie or two to keep my giant head warm. I packed my ole’ faithful green beanie that I’ve had for years and decided to take my crochet hooks and two skeins of black wool that I’d found at the op shop.  After trawling ravelry (an online knit & crochet community), I had shortlisted a few pattern options.

A few days into my holiday and sick of wearing my green number, I decided to get hooking and pulled out my tools. I grabbed both skeins of wool and found that they were not the same type of wool as I had thought, but two different skeins of different plys. My crocheting pursuit was thwarted.

Last year we became pretty obsessed with a TV show on the ABC called Rosehaven, which we found out was shot in a small town called Geeveston in the Huon Valley. Before leaving also discovered that the best sushi in Australia is in Geeveston, run by a Japanese bloke who settled there. My sashimi dreams weren’t to come true sadly, as the chef was in Hobart preparing food for the Dark Mofo Winter Feast. So, to be honest, my major motivator for heading to Geeveston was no longer.

One day, we were headed to the Hartz Mountains to do a walk and noticed that Geeveston was en route, so we decided to check out the town on the way. The town was quite quaint, with some great cafes, a community market happening and some wonderful craft shops. One shop was Stone Pippin, which exclusively sold yarn! I had a potter around the store and noticed some black hanks of yarn (yarn that is coiled or wrapped, not in a ball) in a basket. I had a dig around and found a hank of super soft Tasmanian Alpaca yarn and knew it had to adorn my head!

We got home and after turning the hank into a ball (using a spatula in our Air BnB) I got hooking. I changed the pattern I was originally going to use and decided instead on a beret….sadly I cannot find the pattern I used in my search history or from a trawl through ravelry. I remember that it was from an Australian blogger and that I used treble crochet stitches for the majority and double crochet for the band to keep it secure on my head.

The end result is pretty good, some of my decreases are a bit clumsy…but because it’s dark on my dark hair it is quite forgiving.  Practically, it is very warm and is keeping me cosy during this cold snap! Plus, its super soft and cuddly.